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 Creating and executing programs around specific local events such as sporting events, concerts, clubs, fairs and festivals. Distribution of promotional materials hand-to-hand…obtains feedback, but most importantly creates a buzz and awareness amongst the attendees of the event.

 MacKay Marketing

  One-to-One or Hand-to-Hand Marketing effectively targets high amounts of individuals in any chosen demographic.  MacKay Marketing targets when and where your audience will be, and then we’ll be there to distribute your marketing materials.

  From kids in skate-parks to high-end adults at a Cirque du Soleil show, MacKay Marketing hands out promotional materials to YOUR target audience….allowing YOUR audience to feel comfortable within their surroundings.


Locations for Hand-to-Hand Distribution

Concerts and Major Sporting Events

College and High School Sporting Events

Festivals, Fairs and Special Events

Malls, Beaches, Public Parks

Movie Theaters

- College Campuses


- Conventions

- High Traffic Areas



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