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  In the past, the goals of promotional marketing was to temporarily make the phones ring, cash registers ring and people turning out for your event. But today, marketers expect their special events to deliver against enduring brand values and name recognition as well. Smart promotional marketing can not only deliver short-term sales, but make a long-term contribution to profitability and brand equity.

  So, we create programs which add value to the brand, and balance them with promotional offerings where and when it's most appropriate. This delicate balance demands an innate understanding of our clients market situation. It's an understanding that leads to promotions that are
engaging and compelling to consumers.

  Special Events that create a
lasting impression require an eye for detail. MacKay Marketing is experienced in all facets of event orchestration and is a cost effective means to market your special event by offering you an expert staff without the liability and expense of full-time employees.

Fireworks Displays
Theme Parks

   When you work with MacKay Marketing, you partner with an energetic and aggressive team of experienced professionals with the vision and creative enthusiasm to make your company stand out amongst your competition.



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