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  MacKay Marketing targets and distributes promotional materials to pertinent high traffic lifestyle locations throughout New England (Boston, Providence, Hartford, Portland, New Haven) or can put together teams to target your specific  DMA’s. Hot spots are hit to connect with consumers on a local personal basis – the places they shop and the hangouts they frequent.

  We put up posters in highly visible locations, setup Free With Purchase Promotions, distribute postcards, flyers and stickers on counters, we set up promotions and giveaways at retail.  Plus we also service the employees with your materials/product increasing your awareness with your audience.

  MacKay Marketing is also available to perform audits to check your product and ensure that you have proper inventory or that you’re receiving the proper shelf or wall space that you’re paying for.


Some locations include:

§ Record Shops and Musical Instrument Shops

§ Clothing Stores

§ Skate, Snow & Surf  Shops

§ Skate Parks and Roller Rinks

§  Book Stores

§ Coffee Houses

§ Tattoo and Body Piercing Shops

§ Band Rehearsal Studios

§ And any place that your core target mat frequent




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