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Each of our consultants offers your company extensive industry experience. We work harder and faster than any other entertainment or amusement team.

          Gordon MacKay  

Gordon has over 15 years experience in amusement and entertainment marketing. Specializing in major events, product launches and promotional campaigns. In the U.S. or abroad, Gordon's track record ranges from #1 hits for national recording acts; circus marketing in the U.S. and Puerto Rico; and Consulting and Promotional services for Fortune 500 Companies.

Marybeth MacKay

Marybeth has over 10 years experience in event orchestration; fireworks, carnivals, circuses, and band competitions. An innovative communicator with a passion for the written word, Marybeth has a talent for articulating and attaining high-visibility results for her clients.

Frank MacKay

Frank is exceptional at capturing results for his entertainment and political clients. Frank's political consulting has delivered the margin of victory in seven elections in the past three years.

Jeff Taylor

Jeff is our computer specialist. Whether you need a special program for your office or organization or need a presence on the World Wide Web, its all at Jeff's fingertips.

Bill Bogardt

Bill is skilled at both logical and abstract aspects in promotion and is as creative as anyone in the field of marketing today. He's exceptional at executing major and minor fund-raisers for large and small organizations.

Ken Bogardt

Ken is our film and video editor and has a whole production facility at his fingertips.  He also has a production company that is available to shoot video and film productions, commercials, music video and more..

Bob Brodmerkel

Bob is our website specialist; using basic HTML he can build any basic site for your company or clients. Both the MacKay Marketing and Entertainment website are products of what Bob can do.



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