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  MacKay Marketing harnesses the power of Viral Marketing and peer-influence marketing to bring your message to a meaningful and lasting way.  As television commercials are easily shrugged off by the media-savvy generation, the value of a peer’s opinion is priceless.

  Viral Marketing campaigns align your message and product with local market influencers, trendsetters and tastemakers.  In peer-to-peer marketing the tastemaker is the essential member of a group of friends or colleagues who are out trying new things and are setting or creating the trends.  Getting your message to the tastemaker is your fastest way to create a buzz at the grass roots level.

  MacKay Marketing builds and fosters a face-to-face relationship with trendsetters and influential local establishments to maximize the impact of your campaign. We customize a Viral Campaign to spread your brand or message through our network of dj’s, salon workers, retail shop owners, musicians, magazine writers and photographers, bartenders and nightclub promoters.



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