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   MacKay Marketing's all-star team of professionals work with corporate clientele around the world, handling all of your marketing and management needs.  They measure our ability by the remarkable success we help them achieve in the marketplace.  Success which stems from the unique advantages of insight, creativity and control which we consistently bring to bear on their business challenges.

  You only are, what the public perceives you to be!  You may be one of the
best companies in your particular field.  But if your company's marketing materials do not effectively portray you as such, prospective customers will look to your competition.

  Before any decisions or recommendations are given we immerse ourselves in every clients operation and interview all the necessary personnel who are involved with the decision and production processes.  By applying our
multidisciplinary experience and proprietary market intelligence to all that we learn it is a process that takes us beyond the apparent, and uncovers unique, leverageable marketing strategies and solutions.

  Mackay Marketing


  Below are some elements of MacKay Marketing's corporate consulting

  •   Quality Analysis and Recommendation

  •   Reduced Marketing / Promotions Materials Production Cost

  •   Reduced cycle time & Maximized efficiencies of business processes

  •   Increased communication through Technology


   Let MacKay Marketing use its expertise to help you achieve the cutting-edge

   image you desire for today's marketplace.





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