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Non-Traditional Marketing

  MacKay Marketing develops and utilizes under-the-radar approaches including lifestyle marketing, street marketing, on-line street teams and other approaches to connect with consumers to hit your target market.  It’s here that we create messages and select the proper outlets to get your audience to sit up and take notice.


Connecting with Customers

  Today’s consumers are bombarded by traditional advertisements.  As a result their message is often lost.  Brands need to make numerous unique impressions in order to connect with a consumer.  How you’re your brand connect with your targeted consumers so that your message makes a lasting impression?  MacKay Marketing’s non-traditional marketing programs provide the direct contact with your audience to form a memorable and lasting relationship.


Non-Traditional Marketing

  MacKay Marketing is in the local communities where it counts. We understand the day-to-day lifestyle and buying behavior of your core market. We develop campaign strategies and promotional activities are based on our deep understanding of your target audience.  MacKay Marketing can create field campaigns, develop promotional materials and plan special events as part of our project management services.

  We know how and where to make and create impressions on your targeted audience. Our Services include One-to-One Marketing, Retail Placement, and Postering, Sniping, Door-to-Door hanging and more. The human interaction brings your marketing program to life.


Who We Are

  MacKay Marketing is the link that directly connects brand and consumer to create a lasting impression.  Unlike a traditional marketing agency, we reach your consumers directly and we know who they are.  We have been a part of this new marketing movement that has been called many things over the years including Street Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Buzz Marketing, Grass Roots marketing etc. since 1993. We pay attention to your brand, target your audience, and meet your consumers face to face.


  MacKay pivots where traditional marketing stops.  We seek alternative, innovative ways to form lasting connections. MacKay Marketing’s campaigns are designed to increase brand awareness, stimulate trial and purchase, increase attendance and strengthen brand loyalty.


What We Do

  The most innovative ideas are useless without proper planning, resources and execution.  We listen to your needs, research your product, and work to understand your message before implementing any project.

  Once your message reaches your target, we provide objective feedback… from your target audience…the real CONSUMER



  MacKay Marketing’s campaigns utilize creative methods to develop highly targeted programs and interactive branding campaigns.  We provide a broad base of services meeting the needs of our diverse client base.

  MacKay Marketing’s core service is extending your brand’s messages locally through field-based communications.  Our grassroots marketing efforts provide a personal interaction, allowing you to physically connect with consumers. 



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