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  Mackay Marketing’s guerilla marketing street teams infiltrate campuses, high traffic shopping districts, public parks and beaches, and nightclub areas engaging consumers with samples, demonstrations, street theatre and marketing materials.  Our street teams create memorable experiences and word-of-mouth among your targeted demo.

  If you’re looking for a more regional and intensified push, have your brand reach a broad audience throughout a specific area by utilizing MacKay Marketing street teams to directly hit your potential customers with car windshield and door-to-door message placement.

  Keep your printed marketing materials out of the junk mail pile.  We can distribute door knob hangers in areas targeted for your promotion at rates cheaper than bulk mail. Our Windshield Marketing can be utilized to target specific event audiences that would be complimentary to your brand or product.

  For aggressive Marketing campaigns we offer guerilla-style sniping.  MacKay Marketing’s teams will saturate high traffic areas and events with your posters, stickers and stencils.

  Video Projection Billboards can project logos, branded messages, special offers and release dates on buildings in targeted cities. In high traffic, theatre, restaurant and nightclub areas.

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- Sniping

Car Windshield Marketing

Event Specific Marketing

- Regionally or Demographic Specific



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